The Global Report


  1. Fighting intensifies around Gbagbo home
  2. Qatar recognizes Libyan rebels after oil deal
  3. Anti-cuts march draws hundreds of thousands
  4. Libyan rebel commander acknowledges al-Qaeda links
  5. Protests against 'austerity summit' turn violent
  6. Ivorian govt to control cocoa trade
  7. Egypt: Protesters sack State Security offices
  8. America's secret plan to arm Libya's rebels
  9. US support for war crimes investigation of Liby...
  10. Algeria keeps lid on social unrest --for now
  11. CIA kidnapping and torture challenged in Africa
  12. North Korea threatens 'firing attacks' on South...
  13. Deaths in Oman protests
  14. Slain Mexican activist's kin found dead
  15. Protesters say Egypt military uses force on them
  16. Egypt: Secret detentions and torture
  17. Clashes spread across Cote d'Ivoire
  18. Political murders, police clashes in South Africa
  19. Yemen protests swell as 180,000 join rallies na...
  20. Somalia - UN voices alarm at plight of trapped ...
  21. Greek protest of austerity drive erupts in viol...
  22. US offered rosy view before Bahrain crackdown
  23. Algeria braces for more protests
  24. Thousands protest in Bolivia over food prices